Fairy Doors of Berkley

Fairy Doors of Berkley kicked off at County Oakland Irish Fest on Sept. 10. and runs through Sept. 30. Chance to win prizes in the Scavenger hunt and vote for your favorite one. Details are on the list. Print yours off and find our many Fairies!!!

The list and contest

Fairy Doors are here to stay. Businesses if you did not get in for the Irish Fest you can put one up anytime. Just let us know by emailing RoseAnn@berkleychamber.com. Not sure how to make one? We have a person who can do it for you. Call or email RoseAnn for more information. We will be doing various promotions on the Fairy Doors throughout the year to encourage people to discover Berkley Businesses.

Fairy doors flyer for businesses to learn how to participateFairy Doors images