Fairy Doors of Berkley

Looking for something fun to do. Discover nearly 20 fairy doors in Berkley. Click Here to find which businesses have them. But you will have to look around to actually see the door as some are inside and some are outside the business location.

There will be a special Fairy Door hunt on September 7th at the County Oakland Irish Fest. Stop by the Chamber Children’s tent for details from 10am to 6pm. 

Fairy Doors are here to stay. Businesses  there will be a special contest on September 7th if you plan on having a fairy door, but are not on the list.  Just let us know by August 23rd by emailing RoseAnn@berkleychamber.com. Not sure how to make one? Contact RoseAnn for more information and suggestions. We will be doing various promotions on the Fairy Doors throughout the year to encourage people to discover Berkley Businesses.

Fairy doors flyer for businesses to learn how to participate