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RATE CHART: DUES Based on Number of Full Time Employees + self at this location. *Select The Number of Employees
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We accept check and credit card payments. See our website for credit card payments:
1. Non Profit Organizations may join for 50% of the above rate schedule, providing us with their State of Michigan number and IRS Code.
2. Home Office Category is defined as a business with its primary operation out of the residence, and having no more than two (2) employees, counting self.


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Membership cards have been issued to ensure a quality program. This is designed to encourage Chamber members to do business with other Chamber members. The discount should be beneficial and have value, and be exclusive to Chamber members. We encourage you to join this program and help us all “Shop Berkley”.
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Dues Based on Number of Full Time Employees + self at this location

Annual Membership Dues

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By Check:
Checks payable to: The Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce.

Please mail the check to:
The Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 72-1253 Berkley, MI 48072

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