Gift Certificate Program

We are excited to announce our newest Member Benefit “Explore Berkley Gift Certificates!”

This is a community currency program that is purchased from the Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce website (berkleychamber.com) and Berkley Education Foundation (berkleyedfoundation.org) portal and can be used ONLY at participating member merchants. Providing you, our members, a fantastic tool to grow your business. Our area’s local families and employees spend 2 to 3% of their payroll on holiday gifts. Our goal is to make Explore Berkley Gift Certificates a great opportunity that local families and employers will use instead of national brand gift cards that have no benefit to our members or community.

The Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce has recently launched Explore Berkley Gift Certificates, which will:

  • Bring a year-round Buy Local program to our community
  • Be used as holiday gifts, thank you gifts and employee rewards
  • Connect YOU our members with the community
  • Help you acquire new customers
  • Provide a great marketing tool for your business

To accept Explore Berkley Gift Certificates, there are no upfront costs or special software/credit card machines to purchase. The program will pay you back 96% face value of the currency! The Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce will deposit in a direct deposit account, approximately every two weeks for the redeemed certificates. This is a WIN-WIN for our community.

We are committed to making Explore Berkley Gift Certificates a huge success. We will market this program to our local residents, members, and employers. Our goal is to make Explore Berkley Gift Certificates the gift of CHOICE in our communities and bring new customers to your door!

Merchant Sign-up
Invitation code: BERKLEY

Contact: darlene@berkleychamber.com if you have questions.
Interested in purchasing a certificate? Go here.