Berkley Schools Welcome Pack

Market your business to 500 Berkley School District employees 
In August, The Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce gives a “Welcome Back” packet to each employee of the Berkley School District, and we invite our members to participate in this opportunity. This packet will be a year-round resource to the employees as they start the new school year. A great way to get noticed by this large audience! Cost is free all you have to do is submit 700 pieces (500 for Berkley School District and 200 for Welcome to the Neighborhood packets) of what you would like to be put in the packet by August 13, 2018 to  Vibe Credit Union at 3082 Coolidge Hwy., Berkley, MI. Please clearly mark Berkley Chamber Packets. This is a Chamber Member only benefit. You must be a member in good standing to have material included in the packet. Questions: email