Berkley Local Podcast

Berkley Local is a podcast spotlighting business in the local community produced by the Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by the Berkley Downtown Development Authority and hosted by Steve Johnson of Motor City Brew Tours. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

In Episode 27, we feature Chris from CMNTV. Learn how residents and community and non-profit groups can use their equipment to create public interest programming. 

In Episode 26, we feature Scott Galloway and Howard Collens from Galloway & Collens law firm who talk about estate planning and administration and real estate law (transactions, brokerage both residential and commercial).

In Episode 25, Dr. Caira Boggs from Beaumont Health talks about their community based programs on health issues like diabetes prevention and hypertension management. 

In Episode 24, Katie and Chris from Berkley Common talks about the changes they made to ensure the survival of their restaurant during COVID-19 and the changes they would like to keep after the pandemic is over. 

In Episode 23,  Jason, Barb and Arika from Therapeutic Rehabilitation & Vocational Training Centers talks about their rehabilitation services and vocational training for people with disabilities. Learn about some of the projects that their clients worked for local businesses.

In Episode 22, we feature Zach from Berkley First who talks about how they have adjusted to supporting the Berkley community during COVID-19 and their new podcast Folx. 

In Episode 21, we feature Tom from Eagle Rock Insurance. Learn how a neighborhood agent brings that extra customer service touch whether for business or personal insurance needs.

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This podcast is produced by the Berkley Area Chamber and sponsored by the Berkley Downtown Development Authority. 

Questions concerning Berkley Local podcast, please contact Darlene@Berkleychamber.com.