Why join the Berkley Chamber of Commerce?

The best way to spread the word about your business is by making connections. Whether you’re new to the area or have been around for decades, your reputation grows as you engage with other business owners within your community. Berkley Chamber of Commerce promotes the local community and its economy. When your business is associated with a local chamber of commerce, it gives the credibility that you stand for and care about the community that you do business in. Berkley Chamber of Commerce tackles both issues and trends taking place in the community as well as offers resources and services to help your local business succeed.

Berkley Chamber of Commerce provides businesses:

The Chamber seeks members’ active engagement in various member-driven committees and groups. It is only through the involvement of our members that we are able to successfully build and implement programs and initiatives to meet the needs of businesses and our community overall.

Volunteering is also an excellent way to maximize the value of your membership. Serving on a committee or volunteering at a Chamber event provides you more opportunities for networking, gives your business more exposure in the community and enables you to shape programs to meet the needs of your business and the community at-large. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Darlene.

Stay informed with the Berkley Chamber website. We promote your business through the membership directory, social media and weekly e-newsletter to business and community members. Another perk of your membership is that you can share business updates and special events through these channels. Contact RoseAnn to do this..

Membership Dues Rate Chart:

Based on: Total Number of Employees + self at this location

Based on: Total Number of Employees + self at this location

1 through 7 $195.00 non profit $100
8 through 15 $245.00 non profit $125
16 through 24 $320.00 non profit $175
25 and above $500.00 non profit $300
Home Office: 1 to 2 $120.00 non profit $100

*Home Office Category is defined as a business with its primary operation out of the residence, and having no more than two (2) employees, counting self.

**Non Profit Organizations must provide us with their State of Michigan number and IRS Code.

Berkley Chamber offers many advertising and sponsorship opportunities  Save money by reserving your advertising opportunities when paying in advance with your membership dues. 

Bundle in Every Door Advertising Option when you join or renew at the Berkley Chamber:

Purchase 1 ad with membership dues: $50 saving

Purchase 2 ads with membership dues: $75 saving

Purchase 3 ads with membership dues: $100 saving

Purchase 4 ads with membership dues: $150 saving

Ready to Join or renew your membership to the Berkley Chamber? Complete this form. Have more membership questions contact Darlene