We are glad to have you. Below you’ll find rate information, non-profit discounts, and marketing bundles. Already know what you want? Scroll down to the form and check out.

Based on: Total Number of Employees + self at this location

1 through 7 $195.00 non profit $100 
8 through 15 $245.00 non profit $125
16 through 24 $320.00 non profit $175
25 and above $500.00 non profit $300
Home Office: 1 to 2 $120.00 non profit $100

1. Non Profit Organizations may join for the discounted rate, excluding Home Office, by providing us with their State of Michigan number and IRS Code.
2. Home Office Category is defined as a business with its primary operation out of the residence, and having no more than two (2) employees, counting self.

You may have noticed the Chamber offers many Marketing opportunities, you can learn more about them hereWe are offering discounts if you purchase marketing at the time your business joins.

Bundle Purchasing Options:
Save money by reserving your Marketing opportunities when paying in advance with your membership dues.
Purchase 1 ad with membership dues: $50 saving
Purchase 2 ads with membership dues: $75 saving
Purchase 3 ads with membership dues: $100 saving
Purchase 4 ads with membership dues: $150 saving

Complete this form, which includes pricing, advertising and payment information. For questions contact Darlene.

No refunds are provided for membership.