Office Depot Program

The National Chamber Program (NCP) with Office Depot
Our partnership with NCP brings cost savings for you, our members! Save on what you need to do business, while supporting your chamber.
Here’s how it works:
• Members save up to 55% on 500+ items that chamber members purchase most often, including special discounts on ink and toner.
• Free next day delivery on orders over $50, with the ability to shop in store or online
• Members get deep discounts on Copy & Print services. 3₵ black & white, 22₵ color copies and 40% off finishing services every day!

Sign up online to start saving! There is no cost to join.

Already signed up? Log in HERE.

Contact Darlene with questions and receive your own in-store purchasing card for business, home office or classroom purchases.

Social Media Advantages
We are happy to share your information and events through our Social Media outlets. The information should be sent over to as it is to appear, so we can copy and paste it.

For Social sharing and e-newsletter, please email RoseAnn@BerkleyChamber.com with your info and we’ll share it.

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