Berkley Local is a podcast spotlighting business in the local community. Through this monthly podcast, your host and Berkley Chamber member Steve Johnson, interviews  local businesses, giving them the opportunity to tell their story to their customers and the local community. This podcast is produced by Berkley Chamber and sponsorsed by Berkley Downtown Development Authority.

In episode 22, we feature Zach from Berkley First who talks about how they have adjusted to supporting the Berkley community during COVID-19 and their new podcast Folx. 

In Episode 21, we feature Tom from Eagle Rock Insurance. Learn how a neighborhood agent brings that extra customer service touch whether for business or personal insurance needs.

In Episode 20, we feature Lennie from Associated Dermatologists Learn why you should visit a dermatologist and why they picked Berkley as a place to expand their practice.

In Episode 19, we feature Matt from Bagger Dave’s. Learn some trivia about this local restaurant and what makes them a great place get takeout and dine in at (when we can do so again).

In Episode 18, we feature Kathy from Disrupt Fitness. Learn why she started her studio gym, what makes being part of a small gym special.

In Episode 17, we feature Nick from Nova Chiropractic. Learn how Chiropractic services can make you feel better.

Search on any podcast platform for “Berkley Local” and subscribe to catch all of the episodes or click on https://anchor.fm/berkelylocal.

This podcast is produced by the Berkley Area Chamber and sponsored by the Berkley Downtown Development Authority. Listen to the latest episode now.

Questions concerning Berkley Local podcast, please contact Darlene@Berkleychamber.com.

Special thanks to Steve Johnson of Motor City Brew Tours for hosting these podcasts.

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