The Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce and the Berkley Downtown Development Authority are teaming up to bring more attention to local businesses.
Please help us help promote you! We have picked themes for each day of the week and will be promoting through social media over the next couple of months. These themes can cover more than one type of business and we encourage you to submit posts on days that make sense for your business.
Monday: All Day Auto Car and Merchant Monday
Tuesday: Takeout Tuesday
Wednesday: Workout Wednesday
Thursday: Thrifty Thursday
Friday: Fashionable Friday and Fun Friday
Saturday: Selfcare Saturday and Saturday Sips
Simply fill out this form and upload any content you would like us to post. You can also just let us know on this form that you’ll be posting on your own social media channels and we will look for it and share.
Need inspiration? Posts can include featured products, a short tutorial or tip, or a video of you saying “hi” in front or in your store. We plan to feature multiple businesses each day. Even if you are not open right now, we still want to promote you. From time to time, we will have contests to encourage the public to post too.
This is a HUGE opportunity to show our online community that Berkley businesses are owned by real, authentic people. Let’s show everyone just how amazing our business community is!

Share with us your post or story today!

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