Berkley Urgent Care Offers Rapid COVID-19 Testing for Employers

Berkley Urgent Care (BUC) is offering a rapid antigen test for COVID-19 to employers and academic institutions as a solution for return-to-work programs and ongoing business continuity. The test provides a result in 15 minutes.

The first antigen test to receive FDA Emergency Use Approval during the pandemic, the Quidel® Sofia 2 test detects proteins from the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19. The test, which is also available by appointment or walk-in at Berkley Urgent Care at 3720 Greenfield Road, Berkley, MI, is a perfect solution for asymptomatic patients who need clearance for work, school, or a medical procedure. At this time, the test is not covered by insurance, and is available on a self-pay basis for $100 per person.

BUC’s customized on-site rapid COVID testing events at workplaces and academic institutions include an onsite licensed clinical team for testing and support, all necessary releases, disclosures and consents, and online scheduling and sharing of results.
“Quidel’s antigen test delivers a highly accurate positive result,” said Hassen Saleh, MD, president and medical director of Berkley Urgent Care. “Their rapid and flu strep tests have been used successfully for years by physicians and hospitals. This new rapid COVID test will give patients’ results within minutes, rather than waiting days for results with prior tests.”

Other testing available
In addition to the rapid COVID test, BUC also offers PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests, and antibody tests among others. Both the rapid antigen test and the PCR test are administered with nasal swabs and can detect active infection from COVID-19. The rapid antigen test is nearly 97 percent accurate in detecting the virus. But if a patient has a high suspicion of having COVID-19, and the rapid test is negative, BUC will send out a PCR test for confirmation.

For more information on BUC’s COVID-19 workplace testing, email berkleyuc@gmail.com or call 248-268-1525. Individual appointments at BUC can be made by calling the same number or visiting www.berkleyuc.com.

About Berkley Urgent Care
BUC’s team of board-certified healthcare professionals are available 7 days a week. BUC features advanced equipment, such as a digital x-ray suite, in-house lab and pharmacy. BUC also offers the very latest in rapid COVID-19 testing. BUC is conveniently located in Berkley at the intersection of Greenfield and just south of 12 Mile Road. For more information, visit www.berkleyuc.com or call 248-268-1525.

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